Monday, January 31, 2011

God is STILL, sooo deeply, in love with YOU!

God is STILL, sooo deeply, in love with you!  It may seem unbelievable but no matter how many times you've messed up or how many mistakes you've made, He's still so madly in love with you!  Lift up your head sister because you have good reason to!  You still make God smile when He looks at you, believe that!  You are His precious daughter and He did NOT take your rights to the kingdom away!  That's good news today!  There is still hope for you.  Your destiny still lives. You still have purpose, just get up right where you left off, knowing that God is STILL walking with you, YES YOU!  God bless you and goodnight.

Isaiah 62:3 (Amplified Bible)

3You shall also be {so beautiful and prosperous as to be thought of as} a crown of glory and honor in the hand of the Lord, and a royal diadem {exceedingly beautiful} in the hand of your God

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Afternoon tea anyone??

If you're anything like me, you just love to sit back and sip a cup of hot tea and read the Word!  There's nothing like it!  Oh yeah...and your favorite mug.  I love to drink tea soooo much I call them 'tea mugs' not coffee mugs.  I just love tea mugs with the Word on them, even more refreshing than just sipping in a regular mug!  If you've been looking for Christian mugs with the Word on them and haven't been able to find them, then look no further.  Purity Clothing Co has the 'tea mug' you need to remind you of hope, faith, trust and more!  We also have a beautiful coaster set with the Word on them also!  Get yours TODAY!  Go to!

New Designer aprons by Purity Clothing Co!

Love to too!  

You'll even enjoy it much more with these NEW designer aprons by Purity Clothing Co!  I LOVE to cook...AND bake actually!  I love to get in there, and talk to the Lord, the whole way through, while I'm making meals for my family. (Maybe that's why they say it taste soooo good - but what they don't know is it's Him, not me!  Shhhh!  That's our little secret God! Smile).  Aprons come complete with coordinating flower pin and gross grain ribbon ties.  Oh-so-lady-like!  Flowers can be taken off and worn on your blouse for an alternating look!  Get your designer aprons today!  ENJOY!  Go to!


Saturday, January 29, 2011

Check out our NEW publication, In Season Magazine!

We launched our NEW fashion magazine in January 2011!  Go to to read the ENTIRE issue!  We're looking for amazing stories to feature in our upcoming issues.  Contact us if you or someone you know would like to be featured in one of the following topics...

Mothers and daughters

Do you and your daughter cook together??  If so, we want to feature you, your daughter and your recipe in In Season Magazine!  Purity Clothing Co will also bless you and your daughter with their NEW designer aprons!  Email us your names and recipe and type 'mother-daughter recipe' in the subject line.  Contact us at

Doing Kingdom Business

Do you or someone you know have a 'Kingdom' business you think we should know about??  If so, we want to feature you in In Season Magazine!  Email us your name, website and phone number and type 'kingdom business' in the subject line.  Contact us at


We are currently looking for models for our NEW Spring 2011 line!  We need mothers and daughters to model our Mother-Daughter line of dresses.  We also need women, teens and young girls to model our NEW Spring 2011 line of tops and skirts.  Email us your name, recent photo, phone number and type 'model' in the subject line.  Contact us at

Keionia Seivright wins The Oh Please! Makeover

Congratulations to Keionia Seivright of Covington, Ga!  She won The Oh Please! Makeover in November 2010.  Girls from four area Newton and Rockdale county schools had the opportunity to register.

Purity Clothing Company blesses teenage girls with a makeover they call The Oh Please! Makeover.  Through The Oh Please! Makeover they teach young girls to say 'yes' to what pleases God and OH PLEASE! to what doesn't!  Girls ages 13-18 can register for the makeover through their school counselor.  If you would like the girls at your school to have the opportunity to register simply tell your counselor and they will contact us!  Girls may also register online by sending their name, age, dob, address, phone number along with their parents name and phone number to

For more information go to or call 678.933.7080

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