Meet the writer!

In the beginning...
It was Queen's junior year of high school when she had to decide what classes she wanted to take and one of the VERY last choices in her mind was 'fashion merchandising'.  Needless to say she reluctantly signed up for the class and soon found that she enjoyed it!  It was then, when having to plan a fashion show from beginning to end, choosing what clothes to wear and even down to how many changes the models were going to wear is when she knew deep down inside that she wanted to do this again.....she just didn't know when or how.   In June 1994 she graduated high school, then obtained her associates degree from The Art Institute of Atlanta in Music Entertainment Management in 1996.  Though she majored in Music the school required her to take Video Production courses as well.  She now had a new found love not only for music but now also for video and deep down inside she was stirring inside because of the desire she had to do fashion.  She was trying to figure out how she could put fashion in with the music and video.  While in school Queen began writing poetry and songs.   She began doing spoken word through out the city of Atlanta and self-published her first book, 'Blue Jazz Poetry' at the age of twenty one.  Her love for writing grew into a monthly publication called 'Black Velvet News'.  She then started her own management and entertainment company called Black Velvet Entertainment where she managed her career and local musicians in the Atlanta area.    

Purity Clothing Co.
Purity Clothing Company started in 2005 but we have been in the fashion business since 1998.Queen sketched her very first dress in August 1998. She began modeling in the Summer of 2000 and became known for her 'fierce walk'. During that time BET Comic View was filming inAtlanta and asked her to be a model on the front row of their studio audience. After becoming a Model, Queen became a Runway Coach, teaching models runway techniques and hosting rehearsals for local shows in the Atlanta area. In August 2000 she was hired by an entertainment company, Bushco Sports and Entertainment where she held rehearsals with models during the week and produced her own show of local boutique owners and up and coming designers every Tuesday. She went from Model, to Runway Coach to Fashion Show Productions it seemed almost overnight. During that time she also worked closely with NSeya Salon and her dresses began showing up in photo shoots and magazine articles in the Atlanta area. All the while, she continued to sketch and someone saw one of her evening gowns and suggested she start a clothing line. Shortly after that encounter a friend of hers suggested she enter into a DesignersCompetition, "Battle on the Catwalk" in August 2001. Queen declined doing the competition many times until her friend told the producer of the competition about her designs. The producer contacted Queen and said "you were highly recommended, I would like to see your work". Though she had no intentions on ever signing up, even after the meeting, she was named as one of the Designers in the competition. Needless to say she debuted twelve pieces from her evening gown collection and her first time competing, she won second place. Si-Man from 104.1 hosted the event and judging the competition was Upscale Magazine, Rolling Out Magazine and Good News Magazine.  They saw something in her collection that said she's got what it takes and gave her second place. Around this time Queen had become known in Atlanta for her sleek designs and elegant choice of fabrics used for her evening gowns and was hired as Head Designer to do a "special" collection for the plus size line, Ann Fayne. She was given a contract with Ann Fayne and flown to Las Vegas in August 2002 to do the Magic Show.

She also got married in August 2002 and decided that she would rather raise her children and put her dreams to the side so that her focus would be on her children. In June 2003 she gave her life to the Lord Jesus Christ and decided that she would live for Him and raise the 'Little Kings' He had given her and made them her ministry, her new design project!  During this time in her new-found relationship with Christ, Queen chose her projects VERY carefully because her focus was now turned to her children.

In August 2003 Queen was hired as Wardrobe Designer for the movie 'Rejectors of the blood'. In the same year Purity Clothing Co was born! In 2003, since she had given her life to the Lord, she focused on God and ran towards Him more for guidance and cleansing from her past life and He began to give her NEW designs and gave her NEW meaning! For the next seven years Queen's main focus was to get to know God and build her children up. In 2005 she was put on the Music Committee at The Academy of Lithonia Charter School and began speaking life into the middle school kids and mentoring them.  In 2005 The Little Kings Entrepreneurial Academy was born.  In January 2008 God slowly began releasing Queen back into the Fashion Industry when she was invited to Holy Hip-Hop Week to do the Rhymes and Runway Tour in 
Atlanta.  At the same time she began receiving speaking engagements from the likes of New Birth's Faith Academy, Non-Profit Agency The Giving Tree, The Sisterhood Outlet, Clements Middle School, Local Family Reuions, Beaver Ruin Baptist Church and more.  Beaver Ruin Baptist Church invited Queen to teach her "Queenly Etiquette" class and produce a fashion show for their "It's the God in me" annual Youth Conference.,   In June 2008 she began her eight week summer mentoring program for girls ages 8-18. In August 2010 she opened up Purity Clothing Co, the boutique and The Kingdom Mall, a mall that encompasses ALL Christian businesses for the Glory of God and to provide her brothers and sisters-in-Christ another option other than wordly clothing and businesses.  

In January 2011, she released her newest project, In Season Magazine along with her NEW Mother-Daughter Spring line for Purity Clothing Co.  The latest issue of In Season Magazine can be read in it's entirety at!  Thanks for stopping by, ENJOY!

With His love,
Queen R Jenkins
Purity Clothing Co
In Season Magazine