Thursday, February 24, 2011

Belk's & Maurice's is sponsoring the fashion show!!

All I can say is favor ain't fair! When I only prayed that God would bless these young girls with ONE sponsor, He turns around and gives them TWO! To God be ALL the glory!! I was asked to produce a fashion show and train twenty-one girls on the proper modeling techniques and etiquette for their black history month program at Clements Middle school. The show is on Monday, February 28th. Belk's had already agreed to sponsor clothes and shoes for the girls when Maurice's told me they would also be sponsoring clothes and handbags for the girls! There was SUCH joy on these girls faces...just look at the smiles! All I could do is say 'THANK YOU GOD' for not only answering my prayer but exceeding it!


  1. Great post love the photos too!Hugs and have a great weekend and make happy memories!

  2. Hello, I thank you by comment in my blog Yeladim*

    You have G-d as a starting point to your work. May you be blessed for forever.

    I Wish you peace!
    Adele - 'Isha Shiri'

  3. Love it! Following you back from Will Blog for Beauty : )