Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Purity Clothing Company introduces "The Oh Please! Makeover"

What is 'The Oh Please! Makeover" you ask?

At Purity Clothing Company our desire is to redress your SOUL!  (moreso than anything else)  We are determined to do away with the mini skirt epidemic and the tight jean society that we live in!  We plan on doing this through "The Oh Please! Makeover"  We're saying "Oh Please!" to the unpleasing look and redressing you in a way that honors and pleases God!  (Now that's the fun part!)  For us, redressing your soul is SERIOUS business!  We do not design to make money.  We actually want more numbers in SALVATION than SALES.  We do not design just to design.  We design to minister.  We DO NOT follow the trend, we're lead by God and we go where He tells us to go in our designing.  We design with a purpose!  My prayer is that God doesn't let me EVER overlook ANYONE...that He doesn't let anyone leave our store the same way they came...broken and haven't been ministered to.  Even if they haven't said anything, my prayer is that my spirit would be sooo sensitive and alert that I don't miss a woman in despair, a woman carrying a broken spirit.  I don't ever want to be so caught up in Fashion or dressing someone that women are leaving my store broken still, when I could've ministered to her.  If that's the case they could've gone to the average store at the average mall!  So then what would make my store any different than that of my counterparts if women are still leaving broken??  We're not called to be AVERAGE!  Through the Oh Please! Makeover my declaration is "fashion and clothes can't hold me".  They are not priority in my life, God is...Him, broken girls and women are the reason why I do what I do and NOTHING else!

If your SOUL is heavy and needs to be made over, contact us TODAY!  Purchase your makeover online by going to www.shoppurity.com.  Click on the 'Shop Purity' tab on the left, scroll down and click "The Oh Please! Makeover".

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